Do More Good!

  • Multiply the Benefits and Social Impact of Garden City Turkey Trot
  • Support "Going Green" and Environmentally Friendly Initiative

Global Assistance

Through the 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization, Soles4Souls, donated sneakers will support families, communities, and lives in need globally.

Soles4Souls partners with community-based nonprofit organizations in developing countries to help micro-enterprisess that sell donated shoes and clothing. Supporting  micro-enterprises promotes commerce, increases economic opportunities, and helps reduce poverty.

Soles4Souls also helps get sneakers and clothing to people in crisis situations.


Reusing & Recycling

Reusing and recycling sneakers keeps them out of landfills reducing harmful chemicals that pollute the soil and air.

Did you know that textiles dumped in landfills are one of the biggest sources of waste? Textiles also include running shoes and sneakers. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), textiles account for 66.02% of landfill space. While there is more awareness about recycling, the planet’s use of landfills has increased—along with the waste. It’s not sustainable. 

Sneaker reusing and recycling is one thing people can do to make a positive difference!


Local Assistance

Donated sneakers will also benefit local underserved communities and people in need, including students from local underserved public schools and the homeless, through all of the following organizations:

  • NYU Langone Hempstead High School Based Health Clinic 
  • NYU Langone Pediatric Primary Center
  • The INN



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